It is almost impossible to describe Mykonos in just one page. It is after all the most famous Greek island and is established as the cosmopolitan centre of Cyclades.

Always famous for its nightlife, Myconos town is still one of the liveliest (if not the top) places in Greece after dark. When the sun goes down, the town’s maze of narrow streets and buzzing as the smart restaurants, fashionable night clubs with live entertainment, all shown into action. The nights are endless on Mykonos and can not be described. You have to be there to feel the unique atmosphere.

On the surrounding hills of Mykonos Island, brilliant white sugar – cube buildings are highlighted with splashes of colour from their bright blue shutters and beautiful flowers, and a row of windmills stands guard looking out to the open sea.

Arriving at the harbour of Mykonos we are welcomed by the windmills which together with the Pelican, are the symbols that signifies Myconos Island.

Its circular harbour is lined with stylish cafι bars and restaurants looking out on the fishing boats bobbing at anchor.

Προβολή Myconos σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους