Delphi is one of the most significant locations in all of Greece. It was a major spiritual and cultural center for the ancient Greek world and is the location of historical significance today. Located 170 kilometers northeast of Athens on the enchanting slopes of Mount Parnassus, Delphi in the ancient world was considered the center of the world. Legend says that Zeus released two eagles, each going the opposite direction, meeting at the spot where ancient Delphi is located.

Delphi's archaeological site is filled with temples and structures, the most important temple being the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was constructed to honor Apollo for establishing the oracle of Delphi.

The landscape surrounding Delphi is one of the most breathtaking in Greece. Since, the location of Delphi is on the slope of a mountain one can enjoy the view of the whole valley below all the way to the Gulf of Corinth. The modern village of Delphi is a quiet place with traditional buildings, churches, coffee shops, and fabulous taverns.

Προβολή Delphi σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους